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Write for Dear Students,

Whether you’re a student, a professor, or a professional (or a combination of any of these), we’re sure you have a story to share or a helpful piece of advice you wish you’d known sooner. Part of the beauty of Second Story Studios is that we work hard to make sure that you can collect information from lots of different sources. Our Dear Students, column is a crowdsourced blog platform for people from all over the world to share their experiences. 

If you’re interested in sharing, below are the links to three Google Forms where you can tell us! We’ll ask you to include some small pieces of information about yourself so readers know who’s talking. Submissions are subject to editing for clarity.

Student Submission

Are you a student with some experience under your belt? Do you find yourself observing younger students with trepidation, hoping they don't repeat the mistakes you made? This is your opportunity to share some wisdom!

Professor Submission

Professors have so much knowledge to share with their students, and sometimes it can be hard to give them every tidbit of advice that you can. Now is your chance to share those things that don't necessarily fit into class time!

Professional Submission

As a professional, your input is as valuable as gold to a student still in school. You've been in the real world and survived. You are an inspiration to students everywhere, and your experience is an invaluable resource!