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The Dear Students, column: open letters from peers, professors, + professionals

This column was created with the goal of providing you with all of the extra knowledge you might feel like you’re missing. Featuring interviews, anecdotes, open letters, recommendations and more, this isn’t your mother’s blog topic. We’ve done all the legwork of going out and finding peers with plenty of advice to share, professors who have seen it all, and professionals who can share what the real world is actually like. Too often, lots of advice gets lost in the cracks. This is our attempt at creating a library of firsthand experiences for you to learn from, so you don’t have to make those mistakes yourself.

The tutorials column: educational videos and articles about topics you want to know about

Too often, tutorials for the software we use in our industry are poor quality, or don’t cover the topics you need covered. Our team has experienced this one too many times, and we’ve self-taught most of the software we know. Our knowledge base covers most of the Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD, and Revit, and we’re actively learning more programs. We’ll cover the basics for you, in both video and written formats to match your learning style best. 

Videos will be in-depth, but may take longer to create. Articles will contain multitudes of screenshots and detailed descriptions, never assuming that you know how to do something without clearly noting it. At the beginning of each tutorial, you’ll find an ingredients list, letting you know exactly what you’ll need to succeed and allowing you to gather your materials beforehand, rather than in the middle of learning. All software and their versions will be noted. 

Need a tutorial, but can’t find it? Use our contact page to let us know, and we’ll try to get to it ASAP. We want to help you, so don’t be shy! We’ll try to let you know if we’re currently too busy to address it. If don’t have the knowledge you’re looking for, we’ll try to redirect you to reputable sources that you can learn from instead.

Having trouble with Revit? Maybe it’s Sketchup. Is your problem weirdly specific? Google it! Odds are, there’s a forum somewhere with someone else who has had the exact same problem. This is how I taught myself Revit.

— Sam Church

On Friends

Dear Students, with Grace Craig

On Making Friends

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I am a third year Interior Architecture student, and have worked my way through my fair share of frustrating experiences. There are many things that, as a student, you are needing to learn on a whim or teach yourself. As a mentor in the Interior Architecture program, helping students through these tough and often stressful situations has become something I have found that I love.

Architecture school as a whole is an interesting experience. People always tell you that it’s hard, and that all-nighters are pulled on an all-too-regular basis. Before you start architecture school, you may think, “Oh, that won’t happen to me,” or “I will be so on top of everything that I won’t have to pull all-nighters.” Then you get become an architecture student. 

You are met with a workload unlike anything else you have encountered, and even after spending all night finishing your final drawings, your professor takes a red pen and scratches out all the mistakes you made. The caliber of architecture school is truly not for everyone. It’s not something you can just decide to do. It takes a strong mind and a lot of willpower to stay in the major. 

This is why I believe making friends in your classes and surrounding yourself with people who understand your struggles and frustrations is so important. They can help you through those horrible nights, or take you out after a tough review. My first and second year of architecture school, I tried to be friends with girls who, in order to not shame any majors, I will just say that they did not have to spend much time on their work. They went out almost every night of the week, and when I couldn’t do the same, they began to treat me differently. I was the nerdy girl who stayed in and never went out, all because I was trying to pursue something that I was passionate about. 

This year, however, I switched my living situation. I am now living with a girl who is also in the architecture school, and with two other girls who are in majors that require a lot of effort and time. This year has been the best year of my life. I am in no way saying that you can’t be friends with those who have easier or simpler majors. I simply think that it is important to have a support system within the architecture school so that you can have people to lean on when school gets hard, because it will. Architecture school often has a competitive atmosphere, which can sometimes make it a challenge to make friends at first. 

Competitiveness is important in our field, but it should not take the place of friendships. It is so much more important to make connections with people than it is to bully your way to the top. So, make friends, push each other to be great, and lean on each other when you need it. Don’t be afraid to have a bad day in order to make yourself look better, it will only hurt you in the long run. Architecture school will be a million times easier if you have a support system. Get out there and make friends!